• Tjebbi : the easiest and the cleanest, anywhere you are.

Photo by EC/ECHO Arjun Claire / CC BY / Desaturated from original

The Problem

100% of the people in India wash themselves with water after a toilet visit. But only 45% of the Water is clean. Not to mention the hygiene of the toilets where busy Indians ‘have to go’ day in, day out.
Tjebbi wants to improve their lives significantly. Tjebbi is an innovative handbidet with a built-in pressurized handpump to clean your lower body efficiently with clean water.

“Tjebbi is made for 100 million people who want to make personal hygiëne a personal decision”.

Being part of the solution

Anywhere & anytime

For those on the move and never know when their duty calls.

The cleanest

Efficiënt use of clean water and with the handpump very precise.

The easiest

Fits your smallest pocket and is very friendly to use.

A message in a bottle

The Tjebbi

The Tjebbi is an improved intimate cleaning technique. The Tjebbi is:

  • A high-quality continuous spray
  • Not making use of any gas propellants
  • Refillable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to fill

How to Use

The use of the Tjebbi portable washer is environmental friendly, no water waste, no toiletpaper waste, no batteries, no electricity and no further installation.How to use the Tjebbi:

  1. Pressurize by pumping several times
  2. Hold upside down, press the spray-button and spray
  3. Maximum fill level just below the value-body

“A typical toilet visit using a can, bottle, or cup uses a minimum of 500 millilitres of water. The Tjebbi contains 200 millilitres, and can be used twice a toilet visit, saving 80% of clean water and 100% toilet paper”.


The entrepreneur

IMG_8001_kThe Tjebbi is a story from the Dutch entrepreneur Dirk de Roos. After his father’s duty in the Dutch Army in Asia, he returned with a new habit: cleaning his lower body with water. After some research Dirk found out this way of cleaning is much more hygienic than using toilet paper. On a train ride through the Netherlands Dirk decided to make a change in his life: he wanted to do something more meaningful. He wanted to make the world a better place, a more hygienic place in which less toiletpaper is used and more trees are saved. Where less people get sick from using dirty water. Where new moms have a handy item to help them wash their intimates so they can be healthy again. Where woman who don’t have menstrual supplies have a way to keep clean. This all comes together in one product: the Tjebbi.